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4130 Steel Tube Airframe Construction Video
About the Video:  There are volumes of information available regarding the construction of tube and fabric aircraft.  Unfortunately, most of this information is geared toward older techniques and traditional welding methods.  This DVD covers the techniques that I would recommend to a new generation of builders.  

My goal in producing this video project, was to share my experiences in the actual construction of a tube and fabric fuselage.  I have been interested in home-built aircraft for as long as I can remember, and spent many years researching various methods, and building techniques, before starting the construction of my first airplane. This DVD is a compilation of the the information I wish I would have had, before beginning my first airplane project.
Before starting my first project, I had a number of preconceived notions that were a result of my research.  Many of the ideas I had prior to beginning, were quickly discarded for more modern techniques, or a combination of various methods.  

Hopefully, you can learn from my experiences and research.  The techniques contained in this video should save you TIME and MONEY!  Then, you can use your TIME to focus on building, and your MONEY to buy a better engine or avionics package!

WARNING!  The methods and techniques detailed in this video are for demonstration purposes only.  They should be considered experimental!  You will need to use your own judgment regarding the airworthiness of your project.  

What are People Saying about the Video?

"I want to let you know that the DVD on welding 4130 Steel Tube Fuselages is wonderful.  It answered all of my questions regarding jigs, joint make up, welding the joints and shop equipment. I feel a lot more confident I will not waste near as much money getting my project completed using your tips.."  Dan:  Boerne, Texas

"I received the DVD, and man does it live up to it's on-line reviews I read about it.  Actually better in some respects - compared with say some of the bigger 'made for television' productions.  I think you've missed your vocation in life - Discovery channel should be signing you up.."  Mike:  Indianapolis, Indiana

"I received your video this afternoon and just finished watching it.  The only thing I can say is great job.  For anyone wanting to build a plane, this is worth its weight in gold...
You will save a lot of pain and heartache to anyone planning on the building process if they buy your video.."  Toby: Phoenix, AZ

"I enjoyed your DVD, Airframe Construction  Techniques [ 4130 Steel Tube Fuselage ].
I have the various Video tapes on the same subject from TM Technologies, and consider your DVD far superior to those.."  Jim:  Binford, ND

"I purchased your DVD about fuselage construction, and I like it a lot; it's very well done.."  Paul:  Soldotna, Alaska

"Making a seemingly complicated thing simple is brilliant.  All of the detailed techniques to ensure perfect alignment of the fuselage assembly are the payoff.  That is what I expected from the video and that is what I received.  For me the investment was a no-brainer. I will save more money in mistakes avoided than I spent on the video. Thanks for the video.  It will be extremely helpful to me.."  Craig:  Twin Peaks, California 

"I have watched your DVD several times now and found the information easy to understand and well presented, the old saying one picture is worth a thousand words is certainly true for this DVD. I feel I now have a head start on my STOL King project. Thanks"  Bill: N.E.,  Michigan

"I am a licensed A&P (non-practicing) and a Mechanical Engineer.  I found the information you have gathered and produced in this DVD to be timely and very practical, presenting a more modern approach to building an experimental aircraft"  Marc:  Illinois

"I watched up to the welding section last night.  I've built 2+ airplanes, and helped on many others. I saw nothing but good, sound advice and easy to grasp techniques presented in a well organized, professional fashion.  I'm looking forward to watching the rest of it tonight. thx"
Vince: Mount Vernon, IN

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Welcome to Jump Run Enterprises
It's our goal, to help homebuilders in the construction of  steel tube aircraft fuselages.

Jump Run Enterprises has been in the aircraft, and parachute maintenance field, since 1984.

Since the introduction of our DVD, we have helped hundreds of builders get up and running, quickly and efficiently! 

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We love to hear from our customers! 

Colin Potter, 
A&P I/A, Commercial Pilot-CFI, Parachute Rigger

"The video is great, a refreshing change from many I've seen... "  Mark Forss:  EAA SportAir Workshops Coordinator