Setting-up Shop
Jump Run Enterprises, LLC

4130 Steel Tube Airframe Construction Video
Setting-up Shop:  "From studying builders who made progress, and completed their projects, one common denominator was the shop." 

"A good working environment can be instrumental to making progress.  If possible, set-up your shop so that it is well-lit, heated, and organized." 
Special Tools:  
"In shopping for tools, patience and comparison are the best attributes you can have.  You can literally save hundreds of dollars by just shopping around.  "The tools section of the video covers not only the tools used, but suggests vendors and current prices."  

Tubing Notcher:  Grizzly $59.95  "This does the same job as the "Ole Joint Jigger" that lists for $168.95  That's a savings of over $100!"

"This tool will make perfect fish mouths in one cut.  The result will be an airframe that is straight and true"
Rolling Work Table:  "I would put the belt sander, grinder and band saw on a rolling table.  This will allow you to keep them close to the place your working.  If you attach a power strip to the bench, you can power all three tools with one extension cord.  This will save lots of time going back and forth to a stationary stand  
Mist coolant system:  "I bought this on sale from Enco for about $100.  It uses compressed air, and a non-corrosive coolant at low concentrations, to provide cooling for the hole saws used in the tubing notcher.  Without the cooler, the saws break teeth much more frequently.  With hole saws at about $6 each, this tool will pay for itself quickly."