Bellcrank Construction
STOL King Experimental Airplane
This site is dedicated to the construction of a plans-built airplane
The first step is to transfer the drawing from the plans to a template.  I did this with tracing paper and backed up the dimensions with a ruler.
Next I glued the tracing paper to a manilla file folder with a glue stick.  Then you just have to cut on the line and you have a template. 
Next I traced the outline of the part to the Aluminum Stock and used an automatic center punch to mark the center of the holes.
I then cut the rough piece using an angle grinder with a thin cut-off wheel.
Next, I cut as close as possible to the pattern using the metal cutting band saw.
I used the step drill to rough out the tight radius of some curves.
Using the belt sander I cleaned up the cuts to the exact size..
Using the drill press, and a combination of the step drill and bits, to make the required holes.
Ready for rivets, and priming with zinc chromate.
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