Construction Log
STOL King Experimental Airplane
This site is dedicated to the construction of a plans-built airplane
11/14/04 - 2.5 hours - Total Time 29 hours.
Began work on Flap Bellcrank.  Continued to work on Aileron/Flap horns.

I finally made some horns I can use.  I needed to keep more material in place for the bend and trim it to size once I competed the hammer forming process.  The whole process of stretching and shrinking takes some practice, but it's pretty cool when they turn-out.  To see how I made these click here.
11/15/04 - 2.5 hours - Total Time 31.5 hours.
Began work on Flap/Aileron Idler brackets.  Finished work on 25 slat attachment fittings.  Destroyed some more Flap/Aileron Horns.
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11/20/04 - 2.0 hours - Total Time 33.5 hours.
Continued to work on Flap/Aileron horns.  Bill and Dave brought me a big chunk of black walnut.  I am hoping to make some slappers our of this.  I also used the tubing notcher to make some fishmouth joints, and practiced some welding.  The joint to the right, was cut in the joint jigger in about 2 minutes.  It fit perfectly without any grinding.  This is 1/2" tubing, but I'm using a 9/16" hole saw.  It's the smallest one I could find. 
11/21/04 - 2.0 hours - Total Time 35.5 hours.
Started to work on the Aileron/Flap nose ribs again.  I had done some work on these in Kosovo.  But, didn't have the time, or tools, to make much progress.   
11/22/04 - 5.0 hours - Total Time 40.5 hours.
Studied the plans, and decided to finally buy the hole saws for the lightning holes in the ribs.  I bought the hole saws ($35) at Menards, and also bought a circle cutter ($19) from Sears.  I also broke down and bought a new wood cutting band saw ($119) as well as a Halogen work light ($19) at Sears. 

I needed these things to keep working on the wing ribs.  I had purchased 3 4X8 sheets of 6061-T6 .020 aluminum and had it shipped to Kosovo, then only had time to practice making a few small ribs.  I'm hoping to be making real parts soon.  It takes some practice to figure out the techniques required to form the ribs from the aluminum.  By the way, the saw seems to really work well. 
I made some significant progress on making lightening holes tonight.  I used a router to bevel the edge of a hole in a forming block, then I formed the flange with a soft faced mallet.  To see how I made this click here.