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STOL King Experimental Airplane
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8/21/06 - 1.5 hours - Total Time 572.5 hours.
Continued to work on aft seat.  Getting all the geometry on this is not easy.  I plan to hinge the seat to the front support tube.  I've been really busy lately.  Not much time, or energy, for the project.  This should change as summer ends.
10/2/06 - 0.0 hours - Total Time 572.5 hours.
OK, so I'm easily distracted.  What I have really been doing, is working on a DVD covering the methods I used to build my fuselage.  I have had so many request for information, producing it seemed to make sense?  I have the final cut almost complete, still a few issue to work out.  This video is an hour and 14 min long and is pretty tightly edited.  It is general in nature, and doesn't even mention the STOL King, so you could apply the techniques to any tube and fabric airplane.  Also have still been to busy with other things to spend much time in the shop.  Hopefully back to work soon? 
10/8/06 - 0.0 hours - Total Time 572.5 hours.
Built a web site for marketing the DVD today.
11/10/06 - 1.0 hours - Total Time 573.5 hours.
Took the rear seat to work and cut down the back by 1".  Mocked up a cross tube for a cross support under the bottom pan.  I also bought a piano hinge, that I plan to use as the front attachment for this seat.  This way, I could have a little storage under the seat for a couple quarts of oil, fuel sump tester and some rags.
11/12/06 - 3.0 hours - Total Time 576.5 hours.
Worked on the hinge for the rear seat.  I'm going to get another one without holes so I can rivet it to some small brackets.  Final welded the aft brackets for the front seat and tacked it in place.  Started to build one side of the flap bracket/position lock.  Very tedious using step drill, jig saw, files, dremel cut-off wheel and sand paper.  But I think it will work just fine.  I also mocked-up a foot pan I plan to build out of aluminum.
11/26/06 - 3.0 hours - Total Time 579.5 hours.
Built two brackets and fitting for horizontal stabilizer aft pivot mount.  I measured it out on top of the tubes, then built a small jig on the table to tack everything together.  Final welded, then clamped it in place.  I need to check it for square before tacking it in.  I also spent several hours last week shopping for wing parts.  I hope to place an order in the next couple days.  I don't count this time toward building.
11/27/06 - 1.0 hours - Total Time 580.5 hours.
Built two spars and stops for the horizontal stabilizer.  I need to trim one side of the fitting a little to make the spars level with the rest of the airframe before I tack it in.  I used some safety wire anchored to the jack screw mount to check for square.
12/10/06 - 4.0 hours - Total Time 584.5 hours.
Bent the two forward tubes for the Horizontal Stabilizer (HS) at 20 degrees.  Also built two ribs for the outboard ends of the HS.  I then marked out centerlines on some masking tape on the floor, and centered everything up with plumb bobs and levels.  Jigged and fit the HS pivot tube into place.  Then, I cut and fit the forward tubes and tacked them into place.  I also made the HS 1.5" bigger on each end, for a total of 3".
12/23/06 - 1.0 hours - Total Time 585.5 hours.
Layed-out 6 ribs to finish off the horizontal stabilizer.  I needed to move everything a little, to compensate for the added length.  I will cut them out on a shear, then bend the flanges and tack into place.  I already have 5/8" tube on the inboard side, but I think I'm going to cut those out and replace with flat ribs.  I was looking at pictures I took at the factory, and that's how they built theirs.  The plans call for the 5/8" tube.
12/24/06 - 1.0 hours - Total Time 586.5 hours.
Cut, bent and trimmed the 6 ribs.  Tacked 4 into place.  For Xmas, my wife bought me a Stitts Poly-Fiber manual.
12/26/06 - 2.0 hours - Total Time 588.5 hours.
Cut apart the rudder to trim the top tube about 1 1/4". "Just to save a little weight"  I also cut out and moved, the center ribs to line up with the top longeron and center rib on the vertical fin.  These were off a little since I redesigned the rudder.  Of course, as soon as I cut out the tacks the whole thing tweaked out a little, so putting it back together straight has been tedious.  I still might have to do some more adjusting to get it perfect.
12/30/06 - 3.0 hours - Total Time 591.5 hours.
Cut apart the some tacks on the rudder and re-tacked to make it just right.  Tedious!  Cut-out the 5/8 tube on the inboard end of the HS and replaced them with steel ribs. 

Spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the contour of the elevator and ended up pretty close to the plans.  A little bigger, and built to match the slightly bigger HS, but still pretty round.  Kind of close to the Citabria at the right.  Used the T-bevel to match the leading edge of the HS then used welding rod to mark the outline.  Need to re-check the measurements before I go any further.