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STOL King Experimental Airplane
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9/17/07 - 3.0 hours - Total Time 705.5 hours.
Continued  to install the front seat tubing.  I tipped the bottom brace back, and added two 3/8" vertical supports.  This will allow the aft pedal tube bolts to be removed.  I could have also tipped them back?  Realigned, trimmed and tacked-in the trim wheel support, tube and fairlead's.  Rough-cut the aileron up-tube front and back plates. 
9/20/07 - 2.0 hours - Total Time 707.5 hours.
Continued  to work on the aileron up-tube installation.  This is one area I don't like very much.  While the STOL King uses push-pull tubes instead of cable, this leaves exposed tube in the cabin.  You can see an example of this in one of the pictures to the right.  I need to figure out how to keep the torque tube parallel to the lower longeron?
9/29/07 - 4.0 hours - Total Time 711.5 hours.
Continued  to work on the aileron up-tube installation.  Fabricated the bracket plates, such that the tube runs parallel to the lower longeron.  Built a push pull rod to connect the stick and horn.  I will build new one for the final installation, or have a machine shop do this, to reduce the chances of stress cracks where I cut the threads.  You can see how the controls are exposed now, as I mentioned in the last post.
9/24/07 - 2.5 hours - Total Time 714.0 hours.
Continued  to work on the aileron up-tube installation.  Built the stand-off mount for the bell-crank.  I also spent a couple hours in the plans, making a list of bearings and stock I need for this part of the controls.  I don't count that time toward building.
10/6/07 - 4.0 hours - Total Time 718.0 hours.
Built the tubes that connect for front and rear pedals.  Cut-out the foam for the rear seat, and covered it with temporary fabric.  I'm doing this to make sure the controls are all in the right place.  I'll cover the seats with aircraft grade fabric at the end.  Tacked-in the aft up-tube fitting at 67 degrees.  Received the order of control cables, bearings, Monadnock nuts, turn-buckles and stuff to finish the flap handle.
10/7/07 - 3.0 hours - Total Time 721.0 hours.
Melted lead in the L/H elevator to balance it out.  Moved the top tab on the aft stick for the 8th or 9th time?  Trying to get the travel just right, and keep the tubes from touching.  Trimmed the up-tube to a close length.  I'm keeping all the tubes too long for now.  Practiced drilling the holes, to rivet the rod ends in the Al control tubes.  This should be pretty straight forward.
10/14/07 - 1.5 hours - Total Time 722.5 hours.
Worked on the flap handle mechanism.  Built the arm, and bent the angles.  Also cut the tube for the flap bell crank.  Need to check on the mounting angle?  I have allot of pictures I took at the factory, and refer to in cases such as this.
10/22/07 - 1.0 hours - Total Time 723.5 hours.
Worked on the flap handle mechanism.  Cut two rods and connected them with a piece of 1/4" threaded rod. 
10/25/07 - 0.5 hours - Total Time 724.0 hours.
Worked on the flap handle mechanism for a little bit.  Need to get a new metal cutting jigsaw blade and a spring from Ace tomorrow.
10/26/07 - 4.0 hours - Total Time 728.0 hours.
Continued to work on the flap handle mechanism.  I would like to build it so it can be disassembled?  Not show that way in the plans?  The two sides are welded to the bottom plate.
10/27/07 - 4.0 hours - Total Time 732.0 hours.
Continued to work on the flap handle mechanism.  Pretty much have it done, but need to tweak a few things.  Built a couple plates to mount it to the airframe, not sure if I like either one?  I'll think about this for a while.  Clearance issues.  My friend Ron brought over the elevator to his Zenith CH-601.  I told him we could work on it in my shop while he gets his shop built.
10/29/07 - 3.0 hours - Total Time 735.0 hours.
Continued to work on the flap mechanism.  I built a new bell crank, as the one from the plans doesn't allow for the bearing?  Trimmed and tacked-in the bell crank support.  Rough cut some tube to connect the bell crank and flap arm.