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STOL King Experimental Airplane
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4/16/2018 - 5 hours - Total Time 1528.0
Continued to work on Slats.  Have the rib worked out now.  Cut out enough to finish both sides, and bought the stuff for the real jig.  It will be longer than the test one.
4/16/2018 - 5 hours - Total Time 1528.0
Decided to go for 7 foot slats with 4 attachment points on each side.  So I built a new slat jig to accommodate that.  Leaving for a month for Army School, so no progress for a while.
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6/12/2018 - 10 hours - Total Time 1538.0
I've been working on the first slat for a while.  Just have to get some soft solid rivets to close up the trailing edge.  Turned out pretty good.  It's a challenge to build these but I have the technique and design down now.  Straight as an arrow.
12/15/2018 - 25 hours - Total Time 1563
I've been working off and on quite a bit lately.  Figured I would do an update.  Both slats for the left wing are done and attached.  Flap and Aileron mounted.  Built most of the wing attachment and strut parts.  Getting ready to fit the left wing so I can ensure clearance for the controls.  I'm anticipating a little challenge there.  Then I can start on the tank.
12/30/2018 - 10 hours - Total Time 1573.0
​Continue to work on the wing attachment.  Looks like I will have to notch the forward lift strut to make it fit, so I started practicing my aluminum welding.  Using a laser level to measure 2.5" of dihedral at the outboard wing tip.  I read where the Storch had no dihedral?  A super cub has 3" plus or minus an 1/8th.
8/9/2019 - 30 hours - Total Time 1603.0
​I've been doing some work over the summer. Have the controls in and somewhat rigged. Building the LH tank now.  Rivets and proseal like the RV's do it Will support with steel straps like the Bear Hawk.