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STOL King Experimental Airplane
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2/11/05 - 2.5 hours - Total Time 125.5 hours.
Cut and fit 1/2" diagonals between Stations 42 3/4", 54 1/4", 66 3/4" and 84".  Made some more shims for 1/2" tubing alignment.

I also started to use some nails, rather than blocks, to hold the 1/2" tubing in place.  I found it easier with some fits, to just free-hand the cuts with a hand held grinder, then fishmouth with the bench grinder.

I also screwed a short piece of wood on the bench, to assist in marking centerlines on the tube I was free-handing.
2/12/05 - 6.0 hours - Total Time 131.5 hours.
Finished cutting and fitting the remaining tubing for the left side ladder.  Basically more of the same.  I need to fly jumpers tomorrow, so I'll probably take the day off from working on the airplane. 

I need to do some more reading before I begin to tack this side.  I want to be sure of the fit, and cleaning required before I begin.
2/14/05 - 4.0 hours - Total Time 135.5 hours.
Did some more reading on the tacking procedure, and took the big leap.  I tried to protect the table with some Exhaust Wrap, but gave up on this early.  It didn't have much affect.  I just tuned the torch up, and tried to get in and out fast.  I checked every tube for level before I started and as I went along.  The table, despite all my efforts, still has some high and low spots.  So, I just shimmed wherever I needed to. 

Once tacked, I hung the first ladder to the side of the table and started to redraw the R/H side.  Because of the door, the layout is a little different from Sta. 84 forward.  I finished drawing, but will check it again before going any further.  (it was kind of tough to burn up the table I had spent so much time on?)
2/15/05 - 1.5 hours - Total Time 137.0 hours.
Spliced and welded the 5/8" .035 for lower longeron.  Cold bent as before and placed in jig.  I also started to fit the upper longeron, and a couple smaller pieces.
2/18/05 - 2.5 hours - Total Time 139.5 hours.
Continued to cut and fit tubing for the right hand side of the fuselage.  I'm getting quite a bit faster now that I've had some practice with this.

I've also started to use some silver pencils I picked-up from the welding store the other day.  I went there to buy some more RG45 rod,  and found them just shopping around.  I had been using a sharpie type marker, but these pencils work a lot better.  Much more accurate, and easy to erase.  (I have known about these for a long time, not sure why I was so intent on using the sharpie?)
2/19/05 - 2.0 hours - Total Time 141.5 hours.
Continued to cut and fit 5/8" tubing forward of Sta. 84.  I also made a tube fitting tool out of 1/16" welding rod, and some elastic I sewed to some webbing.  (Being a parachute rigger can come in handy)  I had seen this idea in an EAA welding book.  It looked good, but didn't work that great.  I found it easier to just eyeball the cuts, as I had been doing! 
2/20/05 - 1.0 hours - Total Time 142.5 hours.
Continued to cut and fit 5/8" tubing forward of Sta. 84.