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STOL King Experimental Airplane
This site is dedicated to the construction of a plans-built airplane
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2/21/05 - 1.5 hours - Total Time 144.0 hours.
Finished fitting 5/8" tubing forward of Sta. 84.  I then changed hole saws, and moved on to the 1/2" verticals.  Also made some more jig blocks.
2/22/05 - 2.0 hours - Total Time 146.0 hours.
Finished fitting 1/2" tubing forward of Sta. 84.  
2/26/05 - 1.0 hours - Total Time 147.0 hours.
Cut and fit 1/2" verticals between Sta. 108 and 199 1/4. 
2/27/05 - 0.0 hours - Total Time 147.0 hours.
Flew jumpers today.  Nick, Me, James, Rich.  Not bad for February!
Flying is ok, but not getting to jump is a bummer! 
3/9/05 - 1.5 hours - Total Time 148.5 hours.
I was out of town all last week, so not much progress lately. 

Tonight, I cut and fit 1/2" from Sta. 84 to 108.  Also practiced welding a 3 tube cluster, which pretty accurately describes my welding tonight!  A cluster #%! 

Anyway, I put it in the vice and the weld didn't break, so I guess that's a good sign.  Much more practice needed!
3/10/05 - 2.5 hours - Total Time 151.0 hours.
Tonight, I finished fitting the R/H side of the Fuselage.  It's ready to tack, but I will probably wait until the weekend to do this.

After last nights welding, I figured I better practice a couple more joints.  Went much better tonight.
3/11/05 - 3.0 hours - Total Time 154.0 hours.
Tacked the R/H side of the Fuselage.  Moved the table over so my wife could get into the attic.  (I knew there was a reason I had planned to put it there in the first place?)  Re-leveled the table and repainted the top.

3/12/05 - 3.0 hours - Total Time 157.0 hours.
Framed-up the two sides in preparation for fitting the tubing  forward of the lower longeron bend.  I used the stand from my grinder (which is now on the rolling table) and made braces from 2X4's and jig blocks. 

I also bought two plumb bobs ($11) to ensure the whole thing is square from front to back.  I marked centerlines on the 2X4's, and hung the plumb bobs from that point to the centerline on the table, to keep everything square "in space". 

As with most things, I'm kind of making this up as I go.  At the moment, I plan to tack in the tubing at the front, then roll the Fuselage back and bend the sides in as move aft to the tail post.

It's kind of cool to have something that is at least starting to resemble and airplane!  I need to think this process out, and not make any mistakes!