Jig Table Construction
STOL King Experimental Airplane
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The table is built from the top down to make sure it's flat and square.  (In this picture, I've already turned it over to install the screws.)
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The frame is built using 2X4's and a combination of different length deck screws.  I always use the square drive screws.  They take a lot of torque, can be removed easily and won't strip out.  I also used a generous amount of wood glue on each mating surface.
I installed washing machine feet on the bottom of each leg.  I bought these at the hardware store for about $3.50 each.  They were left over from the benches I built.  Because my floor slopes toward the doors for drainage, I need to be able to level the table at each leg.  I tapped the holes just to get the legs started.
I topped the table with 1/4" birch plywood.  I counter sunk the screws to keep the top smooth.  This way, rather than using expensive 3/4" smooth plywood, I could use OSB and replace the top when it becomes damaged. 

Because the fuselage is tack welded on the table, it can get a lot of burn marks.  So, with the replaceable top, I can make the table just like new for only $12.