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STOL King Experimental Airplane
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Innodyn 165TE
165 Horsepower
Introductory Price: $26,500

Innodyn offers a number of Turbines to meet the experimental pilot’s needs. While every model is based on Innodyn’s core Turbine design, each is optimized to provide the strongest performance.

Each Turbine weighs no more than 188 pounds, and is designed for use with firewall forward kits.
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VW Engine with Prop Speed Reduction Unit
(Water Cooled Heads) 120 Horsepower

With a Propeller Speed Reductions Unit, (PSRU) at a 2.0:1 reduction ratio, this engine will turn an 84" propeller.  Great Plains Aircraft Supply specializes in Kits for aircraft applications. 

Great Plains        Valley Engineering
120 - 140 Horsepower

Naturally aspirated, small frontal area, inline inverted, air cooled, four stroke direct drive, gear driven accessories, low specific fuel consumption, overhead camshaft, hemi heads, aerobatic - dry sump, direct port fuel injection, automatic mixture control, 2000 TBO
Rotax Aircraft Engines 914 UL DCDI
115 Horsepower

4- cyl. 4-stroke liquid/air cooled engine with opposed cylinders, with turbo charger, with automatic waste gate control, dry sump forced lubrication with separate 3 l (0.8 gal US) oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, 2 CD carburetors, electronic dual ignition, electric starter, integrated reduction gear i = 2,43, engine truss assembly, air intake system, exhaust system
Rotec Radial
2800cc, 110HP @ 3700 RPM geared.

Total engine diameter 31.9".  Dry Weight with Acc's (Starter Motor + Alternator + Carb) = 220 lbs.   Gearing is via a PSRU (Planetary Speed Reduction Unit) at a ratio of 3:2 Engine rpm:Prop rpm.  Prop sizes up to 84 in diameter (optimal 74-79"):
Rotec Radial Engines
Continental O-200
100 Horsepower

Four cylinder, Direct Drive, Normally aspirated conventional aircraft engine.  100 horsepower.  Very reliable and parts are readily available. 
Engine Purchase  (3 Dec 07)

Today, I bought a Lycoming O-235-C2C.  It's a certified motor with 600 hours until the recommended TBO.  Max of 115 HP, with a 100 continuous HP at 2400 RPM.  It was just removed from a flying airplane for an upgrade to an O-290.

There are several reasons I chose the O-235, to include:  Reliability, Availability, Reliability, Power to Weight Ratio, Resale Value, Reliability, Cost.  I think it's the perfect fit for this airplane.

The other thing that the Lycoming offers, is a pretty straight forward firewall forward application.  When I examined all the other options, there was a lot left to the imagination!

With the Lycoming, I can pretty much model a Piper Super Cub in this area.  To include cowling, Prop and Spinner.  I'm interested in a challenge, but I also don't want this to be impossible either!

Franklin O-200-5  113HP with geared nose. 
Lycoming O-235 Engine 
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