Setting-Up Shop
STOL King Experimental Airplane
This site is dedicated to the construction of a plans-built airplane
The first order of business was to build a shop for the construction of the airplane.  The advantage to this, was that I could build the shop specifically for the project.  (People laughed at me when I installed 42 outlets)  I didn't take too many pictures of this process, but this is supposed to be about airplane construction anyway.

My goals were to have a comfortable, clean, well lighted  workshop.  From the research I had done, having a good work environment, is an important factor in completing projects. 
This is a veiw toward the end of construction. 
Another view toward the end.  I left for a year in Kosovo, just days after this picture was taken.
The benches I made are the same design as the ones I will build for the Fuselage Jig Tables.  They will be 4X8' and topped with birch paneling.  The plans for the tables, are an EAA design.  Not much for tools at this point. 
These pictures were taken the end of  October 2004, this is about the time I started making parts.  See the Tools page for all the stuff I added in the year I was in Kosovo. 
This is the first part I will probably use on the airplane.  I made it on Oct 24, 2004.  See the Construction Log for details.

This is the Heater I used.  I got it from Northern Tools for $240.  I wired the shop to be able to install another one (240v), but this one has worked just fine.  It heats the whole shop quickly and quietly.
One of the biggest jobs was building this retaining wall.  I had to do this because of the way the ground slopes away on the east side of my lot.
I had a one year break in progress due to an all expense paid trip to beautiful Kosovo.  We took 4 Black Hawk helicopters with us.  Man, am I glad thats over!


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